Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Types of "I need your dump"-issues

So, you have installed WinDBG, you know how to create a dump (one, two and in the middle of three) , how to load it to WinDBG and how to load necessary modules and symbols. What's next?

There are lots of different commands to work with WinDBG, and at first you can feel lost in all this information. What should be your next step?
that's how I see the dump
investigation process :)

First of all, you need to categorize problem that you have. I can divide "dump"-issues into several categories:

1. Exception. Simply exception.

2. High processor load. Means that your w3wp process takes up to 100% of processor time. From my point of view, any number higher than 20% requires attention.

3. Memory issues. Out of memory exceptions and generally high memory usage. Additional ideas.

4. Locks. Problem with locks appear when you have several threads that are trying to access some resource, that is locked by another thread.

For each of these problem I'm going to create a separate post and add links to this kind of "Contents" page... Push me somebody, pleeeeease :)

UPD. Finished, yeeeey :)

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